What is the main problem in India now ?

What is the main problem in India ? Although the question seems to be ridiculous to certain degree at first instance, but it will be proven wrong after considerable amount of deliberation. There can be so many problems in the country with more than one hundred  crore population.But the existing prominent and persistent problem now a day is Corruption in India.

I was asked the same question in my Management admission process. I really don’t dwell  too much into the socio-political issues.I thought about the problems and my impromptu answer was Corruption. The interviewer asked about how “serious” I was for admission into IIM and for that my answer was “desperate”. Next question was what I would do if I had to bribe the interviewer to get admission or else I should forego my aspiration to join in top Management Schools in India. My answer for that was no to bribe and to try again next year for MBA admissions hoping that same situation may not pop up in future. I didn’t really care about the situation as I have my principles to keep up.

Even though the question posed was to check the integrity of the candidate, if the same question is asked to a person who is desperate with out regulative principles, he would definitely choose to get  admission by hook or crook. The money involved here may be small. What is going to happen when people are dealing with some hundreds, thousands and lacks of crores of rupees ? Are there any regulative principles governing them? Did our education system offer any scope for learning  those principles ? If a person is found guilty, will there be any appropriate punishment ? Who is going to be responsible in the game of blaming each other  and cooking up or coming with new versions every now and then ? The questions seem to be endless with no answers.

The fate of the society lies in the ethical and moral values of the citizens. The studies (Schools) are the best medium to inculcate those values into people. But where are the schools which are teaching teaching the values and principles ? Our concentration on technological development will be useless for the average person, unless every citizen is considered on the principles and values. Chanakya Pandit says ” Man should consider every woman except his wife as mother and all the wealth except his property as worthless”. This kind of education is missing and our society is running towards its ruination. If at all the society is to be saved, it very much essential to introduce these courses in our curriculum.

Even after proper education, there will be people who don’t want to follow the principles. If there is no strict judiciary action, state of affairs in society will not change at all. There should be accountability for all the money that  is being spent and how it is being spent. The people who are in esteemed place and who can influence to take proper decisions have to come forward out of their prejudices and fears for the welfare of the nation by giving proper appropriate strong advice and by taking judiciary action against who are not following.

There can be many options to eradicate the corruption from Society.For that we have to be sensible human beings rather complex efficient machines.


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