Necessity, Comfort and Luxury sold at the same price first time in History

“For the first time in history,  Necessity, Comfort & Luxury sold at the same price– Onions 65/kg, Petrol 65/liter and Beer 65/bottle!!”. There was lot of buzz recently in many online social communities about this topic. Although the statement made sense to certain extent initially, but ultimately don’t make much sense when  priorities,values and supporting reasons are considered. Let us look into different perspectives of the given statement.

Is Onion really the necessity at first place as thought in general? Many people make more noise when onion prices are going up than Toor dal  prices are skying up. There were instances when the future of the government was threatened by increase in onion price.What is onion  important for ? Many people love onion because of its taste for tongue not considering its ill effects. Abstinence from eating onion  is believed to be healthy both physically and spiritually. Simply for the sake of tongue like animal , human shouldn’t crave for unimportant things. There is saying in Mahabharath

ahara nidra bhaya maithunam ca
samanyam etat pasubhir naranam
dharmo hi eko adhika viseso
dharmena hinah pasu hi samana

which means eating,sleeping, defending (out of fear) and mating are common among animals and human beings; but human being got special intelligence to understand absolute truth.If a person is addicted to eating without discrimination, he will be not better than animal. Even though some times onion can used in medicines, after recuperation period of patient is over, medicine intake can be reduced or eventually can be stopped.

Does petrol stand for comfort ? Yes, petrol is comfort when the effects of pollution is not considered and the arguments about petrol dependence don’t make much sense in the petrol dependent civilization as everyone wants it for their daily activities. Why petrol prices are soaring so high specially these days in India where as liter petrol price in Pakistan is nearly 30% of liter petrol price in India. Is it intentionally done by Indian government or international policy ? What ever may be the case, over dependence on petrol for survival for that any matter can create the lot of exploitation in the places of petrol. Better ways of energy resources like solar, bio which are self sustainable will help in moving the wheels of our present civilization.

Beer is definitely luxury. The priorities of human being for that matter any living entity will  be: necessities,comforts and luxuries step by step. There is no problem with luxury as long as it won’t create any disturbance in society. Beer being one of the intoxicants  can potentially create lot of negative effects on  person or community at physical and mental levels.One of the better ways to divert a person’s mind from dangerous luxury is to increase the price he pays for that luxury.


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