Life : Fate or Choice ?

Appu was in calm peaceful IIMB campus on Saturday morning for MBA admission process along with many other aspirants who are waiting anxiously in the main building. The beauty of the main building is unique because of its bare construction with sized boulders and cement which gives natural aesthetic look. There were lot of students who look like working professionals coming to their weekend classes and they were busy in wishing their colleagues and professor. A group of four students who were late for their class were waiting outside their class room discussing their experiences, topics about earlier classes and joking sometimes. In the midst of the situation one calm elder person with  lungee wrapped around his waist was strolling slowly with a heavy cement bag on his head with slight difficulty. There was a gulf of difference between this elder person and all others even though all the people were in the same place at the same time. This person may earn his livelihood  in similar situation through out his life for a meager amount where as other people are waiting and working for better career prospectives where they can get fat packages. Why is there so much difference in their salaries which disproves the notion of ‘hard work bring success’ ?

There are many people in different stratas of society who are facing similar situations. Is the reason behind these fate ? Yes, it may be or may not be. Probably the coolie didn’t study well when he was young or his parents couldn’t afford school fee. But there are many instances where people come to good positions from dire poverty and there are people who made lot of fortune without so-called education. It seems that the choice of free will to work towards the dream can impact person’s future. More over all the people from similar situations with required resources and choice of free-will may not get the same results. It seems that fate and choice don’t go hand in hand.

How do we understand this conflict? Even though fate and choice don’t look go together on surface level, they do go when choice is exercised within the boundary of fate. The good example  will be of cow tied to the pole with a rope in an open grazing field. The cow’s freedom for grazing or we can say fate is limited to circle whose radius is rope length. With in the circle, the cow has the choice of working similar to man’s working. But the boundary for man can’t be ascertained as clearly as in this example. Then how to know the boundary area where man can work with in ? The simple answer for this is that if proportionate effort gives less proportionate result, then it will be better to cut down the effort as result is not sanctioned and there will be little benefit with a lot of effort. Lot of introspection and guidance from elder people can clear the doubt of  differentiating the acts that deal with choice and fate.


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