Me & Mine !!!

Recently there was an issue of demolition of statues of poets, artists and social      reformers at Tank Bund in Hyderabad , the hot topic in news on Telangana issue. There were many dimensions to this demolition because of its associated sentiments, fears and anguish  that are displayed through overdosed freedom and self respect. There are people who support and there are people who oppose this demolition with their valid reasons. It will be difficult task for any mortal with materialistic attitude to judge who is right and who is wrong. Materialistic attitude is more prominent in the leaders and politicians of our present age.

There are different levels of happiness that person can get. It starts from ‘me’ i.e, my body and then it expands to the things which are related to ‘mine’. Obviously body gives happiness, but if that happiness is achieved at the cost of other’s distress it is not appreciated. Once the person is satisfied with ‘me’, then he starts finding happiness by expansions of ‘mine’ like my family, my relatives,my community, my village, my district, my state, my country,my planet etc. As the system is so arranged that each conception of one’s ‘me & mine’ conflicts with conception of other’s ‘me&mine’. One good example is that if stones are thrown into calm pond at different places, each stone will create ripples in that pond and it is only matter of time when these circular ripples collide each other and create turmoil. Instead if all the stones were thrown at same point, the ripples will be concentric without colliding with others and reach the bank peacefully. Similar to this analogy when human beings keep God as center like that of a single point, they can have chance to achieve the destination  bank of peace or else the ripples of ‘me & mine’ will create turbulence.

The so-called brotherhood of people of different ethnicity, language, country, and religion  for staying peacefully and cooperatively in this world won’t help much unless everyone accepts universal fatherhood of God. For universal brotherhood, there should be universal fatherhood or else there won’t be any point in accepting universal brotherhood. The vedic hymn says “Vasudiva kutumbukam” which means the universe is the family of Vasudeva (God). When every human being follows this principle of universal fatherhood, then there will be peace and sanctity in the society.


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