Part I: Judgement day !!!

At midnight when the tick of wall clock showing 12:00, Appu who was doing as usual office work came to into external reality  all of a sudden. Some strange kind of anxiety filled expectation filled fringes of his mind. He checked for his mobile  and some documents which seemed very important at that point of time. In his hurry to find out those in next room where his room-mate was sleeping in sound , he didn’t realize the disturbance he created to him. At last after spending considerable time, he found the Mobile and Admit card of his CAT registration form. He just entered his mail id and CAT reg Number in mobile with shaking hands to know the results. It was more paining to wait in anxiety than utter failure was his thought at that moment while waiting for result. When not only all other room mates, bu also whole city was busy with their dreams, Appu started to reflect upon his journey so far waiting for his result.

As usual it was the dilemma to decide whether to join in CAT coaching classes or if at all he has to join then next question is  ‘where’ ? After little bit of deliberation, inquiry from friends and internet search with google(Guru), only two options seemed plausible The two institutes near by his staying. There was no further confusion to choose an Institute. He was not satisfied with response bout timings of classes from Institute A and he was bit taken back by their attitude of pushing student to enroll as early as possible. Later he realized that it was the same push existing everywhere in all institutes. Anyway he decided not to join any institute and wanted to prepare for CAT with their last year’s material from his friend. Meanwhile , when he was searching for CAT info, Guru gave many valuable inputs about educational sites, free CAT material and Test plans. As per Guru’s advice, he went to Institute B for to write mock test series. As pushy as the institutes are, here the lady receptionist convinced him to join CAT  and GMAT training program. Appu finally landed into institute B as if driven by some force.

Nothing was downloaded at 1:00am and there were no traces of downloading as the web page just stood before his anxiety filled eyes like stone statue standing for eons. He hesitantly called  his former batch-mate in college who was studying  in IIMA  to know the results. To Appu’s surprise his friend was busy with assignments. His friend also checked the site, but he was unsuccessful and Appu was told that he would call him to tell the results as site is taking enormous time. Appu again started his wait and went back into his flash back.

That was the first introductory class on Sunday in Institute B. Appu was really impressed by  the presentation of  a big guy who was former student of IIMA and thought the classes are going to be worth of his money. He was particularly impressed by the idea of CAT approach to crack CAT test. That CAT approach convinced him, if he follow exactly the same approach, CAT ought be cracked. Little did he know at that juncture that it was difficult for him to cope with the CAT classes on weekends, Mock Tests that are there now and then, so many take home assignments,  Institute’s online resources and community, and finally online communities. He stood aghast at the idea of taking mock tests from multiple institutes and old papers when he couldn’t find time to prepare and attempt mock tests of institute due to hectic work schedule at office. When ever he didn’t practice, his scores in Mock Tests were going down and so much syllabus was left to complete or cram. He decided to stop giving all the mock Tests and prepare fully for the exam. ‘The day’ was fast approaching to decide the destiny of couple of lacks of students like Appu.

Disturbing his thinking, Appu’s mobile ranged and his heart throbbed when he saw the call from his IIMA friend. With trembling hands and shivering voice he answered the call and was relieved to know that he too couldn’t get the result. Appu was further told he had to wait till 10:00am! It was already 2:30am and there  no option left except going to bed. He couldn’t get nap easily as his mind was busy with thoughts of CAT results and gradually went into his dreams.

When Appu felt the holidays before his exam was killing him literally, he went to his home town to get relaxed and  came back just one day before ‘The day’. He set out to his exam center which is about 20KM on a chilly drizzling day’s morning. All the formalities were done casually but the exam tension was tough. He was ultra careful in the final exam for marking answer as negative markings can decide his future unlike in mock tests. The exam was the best test he had given for CAT, but felt many things could have improved  had he prepared little more and exam was not as difficult as it was hyped. He felt last few day’s preparation could be much helpful!

In the morning when he got up from the bed, the clock was ticking at 7:15am and same expectation which didn’t haunt much in sleep all of a sudden attacked him. He was relieved from that anxiety when he could see the exam result from his room-mate’s mobile. After checking the result, He felt he could have prepared well in last few days before exam and that might have improved his score. Anyway he had to check individual IIM sites for his next round filtering. His fingers were crossed until he get the calls from IIMs.


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