Part 3 : Enter the Dragon

The wild-goose chase is about to start. Appu is preparing for the battle of final frontiers in MBA admission process. He bought a formal suit the evening before one day of the start of first battle.

Battle -1:

He didn’t know how to put a knot for Tie and he was running here and there to to put knot even before  half an hour of  the scheduled GD & PI process. Some how or other he reached in last-minute to the venue with tie is proper shape and just got relief that program not yet started.

The GD the topic was case study about Drug addiction and its effects. Appu could able to speak three times in the discussion. But he observed none of patcipants except one guy is trying to come to conclusion and everyone is busy trying to come up with new points of their opinion.Over all , Appu’s participation in the discussion was decent and healthy.

In the interview, there were three personalities : one young guy , one middle-aged person and one elder professor like personality. The welcome was warm and pleasantries were exchanged as a formality. The professor asked some questions about the subjects about electricity the subject which seems he is interested. Nobody asked Appu about his work experience aside! The young chap and middle-aged person started grilling Appu on some non technical  behavioral  questions and some Engineering subjects related to Management. One particular question that stumped Appu is what will he do to save either of his mother or wife when they are in difficulty ? God only knows whether they were satisfied or not, but Appu’s confidence was boosted after whole process.

Battle -2:

It was pathetic experience. Appu failed to submit the application form before deadline as he was confused about deadline to say more specifically he goofed up his good prospects.

Battle -3:

Here the last minute venue finding made life difficult initially for Appu. The GD was OK and nothing much to speak about. Interview went just asking basic stuff, work experience and its utility in Management. Over all the the experience was good.

Battle -4:

The same venue same as in the case of Battle -3 and the GD went smooth. The tough part was PI which forced Appu to accept that he didn’t give due consideration before preparing for Management. Interviewers asked difficult questions about return on investment due to gap of two years for MBA after considerable work experience. Except these difficult questions over all the battle went in right direction.

Battle -5:

Once again the venue is same. This had an Writing Analysis and Group discussion on the same topic ” Tattoos and Culture”. Appu made decent essay and spoke three times in the discussion. At the end of the discussion, every one was asked to summarize the discussion. Hearing what others are saying is also very important !

The interview was really cool. Just it went almost like dream interview contrary to the speculation of his friend who is studying at that college. Appu explained about his business ideas and failures of its implementation etc. He was stumbled at the question why he didn’t try for incubation facilities from his engineering college ? He accepted his lack of research in that direction. Some times it better to accept our shortcomings or mistakes ! Over all it was the best interview he had ever given in his life.

Battle -6:

The venue is the college itself. Everything is exceptional about the environment and culture there. No Group discussion , only writing analysis was there and topic was again one of his favorites – Scientific mindedness and faith don’t go hand in hand. The essay was one of the best essays Appu wrote in his life until then. He thought it is going to dream encounter in battle.

But everything became topsy turvy in the interview session with three faculty members. First person in course of interview was pulling Appu’s leg and stopping himself before exceeding certain threshold. The second person was having big smile through out the interview asking questions and helping to get out the answers. The third person who was very serious in checking certificates and in between giving stern glances and cutting the unreasonable answers Appu made. To undergo interview with him will be nightmare for anyone. After interview Appu felt that their behavior might be their strategy to select their students. The interview covered many topics – Corruption, marketing, finance,  entrepreneurship, general topics. After interview Appu felt this battle is lost and no way of entering into this college as MBA student.

Battle -7:

The same venue as last to last battle. Appu was more relaxed that got spoiled when he learnt that he didn’t get all the certificate photocopies.It was early morning no photocopying shops not opened. After mustering courage Appu told the checking authority about the issue. He felt insulted when that person told him that Appu need to do this at least before interview. Some how, he didn’t speak any thing and politely apologized. He and some others similar to Appu were given time get the photocopies.

The topic for Writing Analysis was again his favorite topic about philosophy and gave his best in content and moderate in grammar. To his surprise Appu found the same person whom he thought of speaking seriously was in interview panel. Thank god he didn’t speak anything and tolerance paid for him! The interviewers asked some general knowledge question, work experience question and made fun of Appu when ever they got chance. There were some mathematical questions, logical questions etc. Finally Appu understood the interview what he underwent is stress interview! He felt good about keeping his smile and tolerance. Over all the battle is very good.

During the battles with dragon, Appu had one more war going at his work place with project of stiff deadlines. He felt very grateful to his colleague friend who shielded Appu so that he can face the above battles successfully. After all the battles are over, Appu jumped into the war where he was shielded for sometime. In the course of time, Appu totally forgot about the results of battles he faced.One day in the mid of the project meeting Appu got message “IIM results are released”. He couldn’t leave the meeting as Appu was the speaker and couldn’t check the results in his laptop which is connected to projector where everyone is staring. Here also there is waiting about one hour ! what a destiny !

As expected Battle -6 is lost and Battle -5 is won. Results for other battles are going to be released in couple of days. It doesn’t matter for Appu as he decided to join in colleges though Battle-5 or Battle -6. He was somewhat disappointed of not winning Battle -6. But to his surprise, one day after results announced he got mail from college congratulating him in Battle – 6. He couldn’t believe his eyes  and checked the results once again in web site by entering mail id and CAT registration number. It is saying sorry you are not selected. When he checked deeply, he realized that in the registration number instead of entering capital letter ‘SR’, he is entering small letters. After entering proper SR number, the web site too congratulated him for winning the Battle -6. There are no bounds for his happiness as one day  pain due to feeling of failure made him to relish success better !


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