Part 4 : Lull before the storm

Once all the difficult stumbling blocks which were in the form of battles of CAT examination, GD & PIs  are over, only small clashes are left which have to be fought with self. Appu also felt some other important aspects of common sense are very important as he was victim for some of them like sending application before deadline, reaching venue before time and having all the documents ready in proper format in correct time etc.  Appu was startled to hear that one his batch-mates in the CAT training institute lost her chance to attend interview with top IIM because she was 10 minutes late for the process. Missing the deadline for sending application for battle-2 didn’t hurt him much because he had many options, but this batch-mate had only couple of battles!

The first clash is to select the college suitable to him among his archived ones. This is a tough task because if anyone misses the opportunity, he will regret the choice through out his life. Here comes the allies in the clash in the form of introspection, self evaluation, own interests like specialization, city choice, friends advice who made into IIM and as well as others. Ultimately, one has to decide with his own discretion. Even though all the allies are available at his disposal it took two weeks for Appu to decide.

The second clash is as with the case of many people, about financing for education. Thanks to fame of IIMs, Banks themselves are coming forward to offer educational loans for all candidates with no collateral (there is always some security bank requires). Appu is waiting for approval from selected Bank and financial aid from institute itself. In fact in the workshop for GD & PI preparation in CAT training institute, one famous bank’s representative gave presentation about the educational loan facilities they are offering IIM students.

Once person comes to B-school, there required lot of socializing ! It started straight away with Google groups and Facebook platforms where new joinies (PGP1s) were given gyan by immediate seniors(PGP2s) and information is share among PGP1s. This platform helped newbies from filling application form to new laptop deals. The initiative taken by PGP2s was awesome in conducting Freshers’ meet in different cities and it cleared many doubts in Appu’s mind.

Only few days are remaining before joining college, the days are heavy with lot of expectations and future challenges. The formalities with office are going on its own way with Appu. He planned to meet his close companions, friends, mentors and family members in very short time. Any way Appu has to manage the things in short time going to be manager somewhere after couple of years. He won’t be  pure techie any more. Appu is spending time in Lull before storm of MBA course work at IIM.


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