Time – The fourth dimension

Some times, casual discussion with friends can give deep insight into the perspectives of  life which is lead unknowingly. Ram’s casual discussion with his friend in a restaurant about their failure to grab the business opportunity lead him to go deeper into business perspective with respect to time. The basic conclusion was there will be hurdles that are spread across the time span of  any activity. The progress will be smooth and fast until the path is blocked by a hurdle. If anyone wants to be successful, he ought to overcome the obstacles and go on  in his was. Again one more obstacle may come in the way and it also has to be overcome. The basic failure of business proposal was mainly due to their inability to find an obstacle and its solution it in a given time.

Thomas Alva Edison

Unknowingly everyone even animals in this world are doing the same thing. With experience gathered in time, they want to remove hurdles in their selected journey. In one sense, everyone is racing with time from student who is preparing for his last examination to athlete who is participating in Olympics. Even though people fail many times, they don’t stop the race as with case of Thomas Alva Edison who invented bulb after so many failed experiments.

There are so many intricacies involved in our dealings with time. One is that time won’t stop for anyone as said famous saying ‘ Time and tide waits for none’. Chanakya Pandit says ‘Even a moment of one’s lifetime could not be returned in exchange for millions of dollars’. There many other punch line showing the importance of time – you can buy watch, but you can’t buy time etc.

The working of time is more mesmerizing after realizing importance of time. Basically time is divided into past, present and future. The present is just a moment which converts future into past. Unless one is equipped with good experience in past, it is very difficult for him to act in a successful way in present. If he don’t have the faculty of experience, he will convert prospective great future into failed past.

The next big grave question is that if anyone wastes his life without doing any substantial work either materially or spiritually, what will be his position ? Logically everyone wants have one more try. For a philosophically minded person, it will be even more disturbing if he thinks time itself is going to have its own end. What if person wasted his life and died like cats and dogs ? Does he lose his identity or has to suffer eternally from the judgement day ?

Fortunately, it is not the actual case. Scriptures say time is eternal & cyclical and everyone is given a chance for his reformation as rebirth (reincarnation). Among the main topics discussed in Bhagavadgita viz Īśvarajīvaprakṛtikāla and karma only karma is not eternal. The understanding of details about time make person to take informed decision in his life. There are many intricate details are available to interested reader in scriptures about time cycles of Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kali Yuga, measurement of time, relativity of time across different planetary systems. All the details are not mythology as put forward by so called rationalist as relativity is proved by modern scientists.

Sine & Cosine Waves

When some one is studying technology, unknowingly he will be doing everything with repect to time. The graph of sinusoidal wave, pendulum movement and even frequency analysis etc shows how a techie wants manipulate or observe phenomenon with time. The history which heavily depends on time is only rendition of past experience. The manager in a company is planning everything  to run business efficiently in present or future. Similar to above examples, everyone in this world is trying his best to utilize this time dimension in his activities.

Lord Krishna told in Bhagavad-gita (10.30 & 10.33) ” Among subduers  I am time. I am also in exhaustible time”. No one can conquer time as proved by history. It is wise to use time properly in the present  that is in our hand so that future becomes glorious.


One thought on “Time – The fourth dimension

  1. Interesting article about nature of time. The thought process seem to be inclined more towards metaphysical science. Can you give more details?

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