Part 5 : Marathon Begins !

The quiet days are over their due and the marathon is about to begin. The processes for registration, hostel accommodation were quite student & parent friendly. The biggest burden Appu faced, the educational loan from one of the premium banks, become simple task of 15mins without collateral support. Appu was busy with adjusting with new circumstances where he need to spend his two invaluable years of experience. The official welcome was grand and cherishing.

Next day started the orientation program for one week gave Appu and his new batch mates the feel of two years in campus. Hardly few hours (approximately 4 hours) were left for sleeping in a day. The learning from interaction and practical exposure made Appu to feel that he was staying in campus for 7 weeks if not exaggerated 7 months. There were many innovative ways of learning like solving practical puzzle, learning through games, visiting NGOs and hearing series of lectures about ethics and college expectations. The orientation program was over with big party before the actual classes started.

The academic work is started and Appu is busy in coping up with classes. Apart from academics, there are the lot of options for participation in huge number of clubs and sports etc. It looks like 24 hours is not sufficient. Let us see how Appu is going to proceed.


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