How fortunate you are!

Once there was a learned person living in a small village, bought a beautiful elegant horse. Everyone congratulated him saying how fortunate you are! After some time, the horse ran away and everyone told him how unfortunate you are! And then after couple of days, the horse came back along with its companion and people started saying how fortunate you are! After one week, the young son of the villager broke his leg when fell down while riding on horse and people told how unfortunate you are! Many young people who were drafted in to military were killed in war and people started saying to villager how fortunate you are! Villager’s son was not drafted because of physical deficiency.

Butterfly struggling to come out of Cocoon

As in the case of this villager, the fortunes are simply swinging with the time for every one of us. When the results are viewed with limited understanding in a limited time frame, obviously no one can get imports of circumstances. If caterpillar doesn’t come out of egg with struggle, it won’t develop sufficient strength to fly freely for rest of its life. If person deals with life with due patience and diligence, life will be more colourful. There won’t be unfortunate situations like heart breaks, suicides, and attacks for apparent reversal of our expectation.

The holistic way of understanding life and living it accordingly makes man happier than mere rat race for success. This principle should be instilled in everyone’s heart. This principle of looking things around us from third person’s perspective makes us really fortunate.


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