Man is a Social Animal

It is degrading when a man is compared to an animal. But this comparison drives the most important aspect of human behavior which is now a days is often rare to be found. When anyone hears about the statement Man is a Social Animal, the first reaction generally will be why man is compared animal? Am I animal? After some thought process, anyone will be convinced that he is an animal not literally but as a comparison. There is something common between animals and men : Social nature. Are people really that much social in their lives? Or is it only for the intellectual satisfaction and it won’t be applicable in real life? Of course man lives in society, but he is lacking many ingredients that are expected from a social being. The public good is more important than individual’s priority. Is it the case always? May be some rare exceptional people will be  there of that kind, but in general people are not.

In a society, everyone can’t do all the things required for his daily use be it food, house, cloth, medicine etc. He has to depend on so many people in the society to live comfortably. Everyone is required for comfortable life, so people live in society. But the problem is that everyone’s work is different and accordingly the money they earn differs. Automatically, there is income distribution among the people instead of one single income for all people. Man is ambitious and he tries to take advantage of this situation to make more money by going to higher paying jobs and businesses. People with qualification,try to crowd at high paying jobs and businesses and compete compete among themselves. Once the competition there is, the mighty competitor will win. Everyone will perish except some people who are strong with deep pockets. The losers try to win with their tooth and nail, and in final they may resort cheating.

The people with lower qualification will have to work on basic works on  with expertise which  generally will be very low paying jobs. Some times, machinery is replacing the work done by them and so the unemployment is increasing.In the process  of rich becoming rich, inflation is going to increase. Along with inflation and bad work conditions these people are tormented and they don’t have any other alternative except cheating society in what ever way it is possible.

What initially thought of peaceful society for comfortable living, now turns out to be a society with full of cheaters because of lack opportunity and because of competition. So the end result is rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer. History has seen many political movements to correct this disparity with little initial success and later failure.It seems from the history of the world, communism won’t work . Does capitalism work?

Capitalism is very good at outset by providing good lifestyle and income for people who are working in corporation. Of course everyone can’t be employed in corporation. For time being, it looks so good for at least some people who are working in corporation. Real problem which lies with capitalism is its sustainability. All the natural resources which are non replenished public goods are being exploited in the process. The wealth is not created, it is only divided. When it is divided,  who ever gets the bigger share he is the powerful and he tries to be powerful in future also because of his might. In one sense, all the wealth is shared by these corporations leaving peanuts or sometimes nothing for others. How long will it continue? As long as resources are not fully exploited. After that full collapse of so called advanced modern civilization is for sure.

It seems there is problem with both communism and capitalism. What needs to be done now? The problem is there because people consider that there is no relationship among themselves in the society except as sources of money generation. Will this happen among the family members? Will one sibling allow other to starve while he or she having lavish life? No. It won’t happen that way because there is relationship among the siblings and they listen to their parents. Is there that kind of relation in society? Yes, it is there. All the scriptures say men are the sons of God. If people accept this universal fatherhood and live accordingly, society will be peaceful and harmonious. vasudiva kutumbakam.

The resource exploitation will create problem even if people have universal brotherhood principle. To get over this problem, society should follow the teachings  of god and in the foot steps of His followers. They have never advocated industrialization, instead they have preferred sustainable simple living and high thinking. Universal fatherhood along with simple living and high thinking will make society peaceful and man a social animal. There are many initiatives where this revolutionized idea is implemented in practicality. One of the examples is Govardhan Eco village near Wada, Maharastra, India. This is the great example for any society to emulate.


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