Part 6 : One year of Exciting Journey

One year of Exciting journey is over in college for Appu. It has been roller coaster for many  students similar to Appu. Every where there is excitement in this premier college. Everyone seems too much interested in their own world of clubs, marks, subjects, placements, networking and exploration of different opportunity. For Appu, the lifestyle in college seems very difficult to digest and impractical to manage. In one year he has learnt so many things which he hopes will be useful in real life after college.

The clubs are many, but not as many as for everyone’s satisfaction. Supply and demand. The club selection gives the glimpse of real life after MBA or show how life should be. As usual because of more demand,  Appu’s batch mates are putting their best efforts in all means to get selected. The selection in clubs gives the identity, prestige and power among the fellow students and also resume points. Who doesn’t want that kind of opportunity? The selection process some times have gone till morning and no one is worried about timings. With in short time after college start, many people seem accustomed to this night life style. Many people are interested mainly in four clubs because of the money involved, networking and experience. Others applied to different clubs for resume points. There are some societies who are not that much prominent in college, but people feel their presence on special occasions. The club selection gives a lot of confidence every aspect of life in college activities.

Marks. Haahh. It is the thing that any student wants to get as much as possible. The bell curve seems deciding many students’ future and fortune. Even a half mark can make a big difference. So rat race for marks. Nobody wants to be on left side of the bell, but someone has to be on left side.  Mostly, the position on bell curve decides the grade value. What happens to student is on left side of Bell, even after he studies hard and gets good marks and all other get more than him? Appu has been worrying about it. But some how he has felt that he won’t be last. He has heard that professor will take care and don’t give the worst grade if sufficient effort is put by student. How soothing it is! There is life beyond marks and grades!

Many subjects are just mesmerizing. Though subjects look only of common sense and too common place at the starting of the course, over a period of time Appu falls in love with some subjects. Some are really boring, he decides never to touch those subjects. The fate is different and Appu is working now on some of the subjects he never wants to study again. The work experience, plays really good hand at understanding the subjects and also fetch good marks. Though it seems improper to compare students on one common examination who are having different experiences, it is the reality. Life puts examination and then teaches lesson. The fellow students and professors are teaching life to Appu.

Placements. The fruit of hard work , intelligence and luck. Many students are well aware of the rules of the placement game except some like Appu. The summer placements are ladders for great jobs ahead and act as stepping-stones for bright future. Lot of material and gyan by senior along with enthusiasm and anxiety to perform push the students’ blood pressure high as the time of placements is approaching. Preparation of one page resume is the utmost important and tedious task in entire placement process. Once the placements are over, everyone comes to normal stage of relaxed life.

Networking i.e. socializing is one of the important things anyone can get at MBA college. Given the equal talent and credential  for people, networking paves the way for success. It seems MBA colleges  have better understood this point. So from starting on wards, students try to network with maximum number students, professors, alumni etc. Appu is surprised to know  that many of his batch mates whom he doesn’t know are sending Facebook friend’s request. Appu soon learns the importance and he too starts sending his requests!

With all the knowledge Appu has received in a year, he is too excited to face the 2nd year. He is hoping life will be more exciting as a sophomore than as a fresher.


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